English days

English days

We had so much fun during the english days.

At the door we greeted each other with "Goodmorning" and at the end of the day we said "Goodbye".

When we had to get our bags or coats we used the colors to see whose turn it was.
"If you're wearing green you can get your bag".

We learned a new song about the days of the week. You can find it here;

When we had to stop working we said this verse;

Magic finger in the air (point index finger in the air)
Magic finger everywhere (index finger swirl around)
Magic finger on your hips (index finger in the hips)
Magic finger on your lips (other indexfinger on the lips to be quiet)

We listened to an english picture book "Can i join your club?"
You can get it at the library.

We are now learning about family in our english lessons.


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